Our Mission

Connect Specialists with Lenders

Our mission is to present to America’s auto lenders the most professional, efficient and responsible repossessors in the world. We know this is a tall order but TFA’s history has been filled with innovation for the repossession industry.

It is our belief that in our litigious society, effectively locating and recovering a lender’s collateral without conflict, damage or drama best serves everyone’s bottom line.

Do you want to be part of America’s #1 network of repossession specialists? TFA is looking for qualified recovery specialists in many areas of the US.


TFA History

The Origins of TFA

The origins of TFA, now leaders in the repossession industry, can be traced to the early 1950s, but the organization really began to take the form we know now in 1971. That year, Harvey C. Altes took on the responsibility to create an industry association that would represent the best, most professional and forward-thinking recovery agents in the business.

Under his guidance, the TFA Guide has provided contact information for the best agents to financial institutions across the nation. Since 1971, the directory has grown into a valuable resource for lenders and an unmatched marketing tool for TFA members. The most recent directory is delivered in hard-bound and paperback versions and is also available in searchable form through the TFA’s online directory.

Since the beginning, TFA has also been committed to education and professional development. Each year, TFA members meet for training and information sessions featuring the most knowledgeable experts with extensive backgrounds in financial, legal and asset recovery issues. Also, with an advisory board of ten members, including experts in repossession law, skip tracing, risk abatement, and asset recovery, TFA members have access to the best advice and resources in the industry.

From a small organization, TFA has grown to represent more than 250 of the best, most qualified recovery professionals in the nation.