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TFA Guide

What If I Don't Remember My Password?

You can recover and reset your password by entering your username or email address on the password reset page. Simply enter your email address and click the submit button and you will be emailed a link to reset your password. Click the link in the email and follow the instructions.

What Can I Find the Terms of Service/Privacy Policy?

You can read our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on the terms of service and privacy policy page. The link to this page is also included at the bottom of every page.

How Can I Contact the TFA Guide?

Whether you have a question, commment, feedback, or an issue to report - you can contact us by phone, email or by filling out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!



For Specialists

Why Become a TFA Specialist?

TFA specialists receive ongoing training, industry-specific information, latest case-law information, late-breaking news and other real-world benefits. Most recently TFA specialists will have the ability to build online profiles to showcase their work to our network of over 40,000 lenders. Premium lenders will have the ability to rate and review their experience with each specialist, giving you the opportunity to be seen as a high quality specialist to a large peer network of lenders.

All of this makes the TFA Specialist the best informed recovery agent possible. Your listing will appear in 40,000 beautiful hardbound directories, mailed to auto lenders all over the country.

Why Should I Sign up for A Paid Online Membership If I Am Already In the TFA Guide?

The printed TFA Guide has been considered the auto lenders' "bible" to find recovery specialists for over 40 years. But many creditors want to source their specialists online. A paid online membership allows you to have an extended listing, photos showing your facilities, videos of you and your operation, information that can be modified and expanded throughout the year. Its a great way to further promote your business in a format that no other platform offers.

Why Should I Want Auto Lenders To Post Reviews of My Services?

Think about it: when you shop online at Ebay, Amazon or Lowes, or look for services on Angies List, the very thing you look for are positive or negative reviews from the end user! A repossession specialist can claim all they want that "we're the best"; it is far, far more powerful when a lender says it for their fellow lenders to read. Build your reviews and be seen as a truly high qualified specialist.

What If I Get Negative Reviews?

Repossession services are not like widgets. There might be situations where you couldn't meet the creditors expectations. But we are confident that the services provided by experienced, trained TFA repossession specialists will actually be shown to be superior to those in other groups.